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How to Make Downsizing Easier with Senior Moving Services

Many older adults consider downsizing to a smaller home, and about 51% actually do it, according to surveys. After calculating how much house they can afford, many seniors discover that downsizing saves money on maintenance costs, property taxes, and utilities. It can also free up more time by removing the need to clean and maintain a larger space.


While moving does present a variety of challenges, senior move managers specialize in the needs of older movers and can make the process of downsizing easier. Here are some facts to help you understand the process, presented by Carepath Consulting.


The Hiring Process


Senior move managers are like project managers who specialize in coordinating moves for seniors. The National Association of Senior Move Managers accredit them. The NASMM sets standards for education and ethics that all senior move managers must meet to qualify. The organization's website is a suitable place to begin your search for a reputable senior move manager. 


Reasons to Use a Senior Move Manager


Unfortunately, many unscrupulous contractors target senior citizens. The ethics code imposed by the NASMM helps ensure that accredited senior move managers are reputable professionals who will not financially exploit seniors. Senior move managers treat seniors with compassion and patience. Relatives who are trying to fit their loved one's move into their busy schedule may be tempted to just toss out beloved possessions to speed along the process. Senior move managers take the time to help seniors choose their most important possessions and pare down the rest.


Hiring a professional can reduce seniors' reliance on family members to assist them with their move. This can take stress off the family and be particularly beneficial in cases where family members live far away or are seniors themselves. Most families have never attempted to relocate their senior family members before. Senior move managers do it all the time. They know what challenges are likely to crop up and how to overcome them.


Preparing for Your Move


When you were younger, you might have packed up your entire house in a day and moved the next day. That is not very realistic for most seniors. Give yourself plenty of time to get your current home ready for sale, pack up your belongings, and get moved to your new home. Work with your senior move manager to create a moving plan so you know what to expect when the day arrives. Make sure you pack essentials to keep with you that will not go on the moving truck. Additionally, make sure you’re keeping your phone charged so that you can stay in close contact with your movers.


Settling Into Your New Home


Set yourself up for success in your new home. Let your senior move manager take care of the details, such as getting the utilities switched on. Make sure you get the locks re-keyed. Customer reviews can help you find a locksmith locally you can trust. A reputable locksmith should be licensed and bonded and offer a warranty. Most charge between $50 to $150 for the service, though there can be regional price differences.


Decorate your new space so that it feels like home but give yourself plenty of time to rest and relax as you do. Familiar faces can make transitioning to a new home less stressful, so encourage your family and friends to come to visit when you are feeling ready.


Downsizing decades worth of living can be a daunting task for many seniors. However, the benefits are worth it. And using a senior moving service is a fantastic way to make sure it gets done right!

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Andrea Needham 


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